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Editor's note: The saga of Crysis 3 here at PSU is one of turmoil. We received a retail copy of Crysis 3 from EA for review alongside other press outlets, but my playthrough of the game was plagued by a serious technical issue that prevented me from ...[ More info.. ]

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Crysis 3, from the start, is noticeable for two things: firstly, while it retains the instanced mission structure, barely disguised impassable walls, and tightly funnelled check-points of the previous title, many of the actual combat scenarios feel ...[ more info.. ] Crysis 3 Patch D Released for PC, Xbox 360, PS3 - Connected Digital World
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  • PaybackPrahl (Kyle Prahl)Good friends: my review of Crysis 3 is now live for your reading pleasure. Please enjoy :)

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